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Get to Know Kristie Morrison

Voices Eastern Savings Bank

In this edition of ‘Voices’, get to know Kristie Morrison, Deposit Operations Manager.

Eastern Savings Bank Kristie Morrison

(left to right) Yaakov Neuberger, Dana Coliano, Kristie Morrison, Tracey Mandish, and Andrea DeVilbiss at the Maryland Banking School Commencement, Class of 2021.

How long have you worked at ESB?
I will be celebrating my 27 year anniversary with the bank this October.

Congratulations on graduating from the Maryland Banking School this year! What did the program include?
The program was a diverse course schedule including, but not limited to, bank financial principles and emerging trends, financial institutions and the economy, bank operations, cybersecurity, deposits and customer relationships, financial education, credit decisions and management, regulatory ratings, financial literacy, advertising/marketing/social media, leadership, and advocacy.

How is it applicable to your role as the Deposit Operations Manager?
I gained a better understanding of asset/liability management and risk, and the interdependencies between the various departments within a financial institution. This will help me better understand the decisions made by our Executive Committee and Board of Directors, including the types of products and services we offer and how we focus building customer relationships and servicing their
financial needs.

What part of the curriculum did you enjoy the most and why?
I enjoyed the BankExec the most. This was a simulation to provide an understanding of financial management challenges in banking. We worked in teams to develop and implement policies in the areas of loans, deposits, securities investment, funding sources, and capital. The teams competed against each other along with various economic changes. The goal was to maintain the growth, profitability, and the safety of our organization during the simulation.

What part of it was most challenging for you and why?
The Bank Credit courses were a little challenging since I have never worked in lending yet I found them intriguing for the same reason.

Why are you proud to work at Eastern Savings Bank?
I feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment for the type of work I do and I appreciate the opportunities and recognition I have been provided as I have contributed to the Bank. I value the friendships I have made over the years while getting to know so many colleagues at the Bank; we are a (work) family after all.

Share a favorite “community” memory.
I grew up in Pennsylvania just over the Mason Dixon Line but we would frequently visit Valley View Farms in Hunt Valley, Maryland. My sisters and I would help our parents pick out vegetable plants and flowers for the large garden in our backyard. We would get pumpkins in the fall and as kids, we would be mesmerized at the giant pumpkins on display. And of course we couldn’t miss the Christmas trees and decorations in December. These are traditions I have continued with my family.