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Get To Know Sandy Howell

Voices Eastern Savings Bank

In this edition of ‘Voices’, get to know Ms. Sandy Howell, Lutherville’s Branch Manager and one of Eastern Savings Bank’s long-tenured Associates!

Sandy Howell Eastern Savings Bank

Sandy Howell, Branch Manager, Lutherville

How long have you worked at Eastern Savings Bank? 
It was officially 31 years on October 23rd.

What do you love about our community and why?
Our Eastern Savings Bank community continues to care about its employees. During this time of pandemic, they have worked with us all to provide a working environment in which we all feel safe.

Why are you proud to work at Eastern Savings Bank? What makes it different from other places to work or other financial institutions?
We are a small, privately owned bank and we are able to take the time to get to know our customers. We have generations of families who continue their banking relationships with Eastern Savings because we took the time to get to know them.

Share a favorite “community” memory.
During my growing up years we lived in a lot of different places – but since Easton has been my home for longer than Eastern Savings Bank, I will choose Rusticana Pizza restaurant. They have two places in Easton. They are like family to us. We’ve had many family
birthday parties there over the years, and I love that Debbie, our favorite waitress, knows what I want before I ask!

Why was it important to you that we have branch open hours during the pandemic?
To provide customers with the confidence they need in Eastern Savings Bank. People need to know their investments are secure during this time when there is so much more for them to worry about. Knowing we are still here to help with their banking needs is one less worry.