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3 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information

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1. Guard your incoming and outgoing mail.  Never place mail containing sensitive or confidential information in an unsecured mailbox. You can further reduce your risk of mail fraud and identity theft by enrolling in EasternEase Online and eStatements*. Only YOU can access your online account and eStatements via encrypted transactions and secure transmission of data. Sign up for secure, convenient online banking today!

2. Protect your personal financial documents.  Keep bank and credit card statements, tax returns and blank checks in a secure place. And, shred any sensitive documents instead of just throwing them in the trash, because thieves look through trash to find this type of information to commit identity theft or other crimes.

3. Carefully choose user IDs and passwords for your computers, mobile devices, and online accounts.  For unlocking devices and logging into Web sites and apps, create “strong” IDs and passwords with combinations of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols that are hard to guess, and then change them regularly.

To learn more about avoiding mail fraud and identity theft, see back issues of the FDIC’s ‘Consumer News’ (online at

*For deposit customers only.