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Board of Directors & Officers

From the beginning Eastern Savings Bank has been a local Bank run by local people. Established in 1905, the Bank, then named Eastern Building and Loan, was one of over 200 small savings and loan associations in the Baltimore area. Over 100 years later, we are proud to say that we are still locally owned and operated by people who were born and raised right here in Baltimore. Beth Goldsmith, our Chairman of the Board; our Executive Committee Members, Alan Berkowitz, Yaakov Neuberger, and Tracey Mandish; and most of the Bank’s officers grew up in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Not many banks these days can boast that most members of their management team are “locals.”

Board of Directors

  • Beth H. Goldsmith, Chairman of the Board
  • Alan E. Berkowitz, Director
  • Andrew Laing, Director
  • Tracey A. Mandish, Director
  • Hugh McGuirk, Director
  • Yaakov S. Neuberger, Director
  • Kimberly K. Shramko, Director
  • Solomon A. Spetner, Director
  • Todd A. Tilson, Director
  • Lawrence A. Trainor, Director

Executive Officers

  • Yaakov S. Neuberger, President and Chairman of the Executive Committee
  • Tracey A. Mandish, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
  • Joseph J. Slovick III, Chief Lending Officer
  • Christopher T. Johnson, Chief Credit Officer
  • Thomas J. Kennedy, General Counsel


  • Dana L. Coliano, Vice President
  • Paul Susie, Vice President
  • Andrew T. Trainer, Vice President
  • R. Anthony Vaccare, Jr., Vice President
  • Jonathan Hemphill, Assistant Vice President
  • Lynda Stewart, Assistant Vice President
  • Kevin M. Turner, Assistant Vice President