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Associate Spotlight

Get to know Keith Newman, ESB’s Records Management Supervisor

(and Freelance Photographer)


Keith Newman Eastern Savings Bank

Keith Newman, Records Management Supervisor

You became interested in photography during your high school years. How did that happen?
I worked on the school newspaper and I occasionally took pictures.

What style photography do you specialize in?
I don’t really have a style. I enjoy taking pictures of nature, architecture, sports and candid shots of people. I’m not into portraits.

Name three things still left on your bucket list.
1)  Getting a picture in National Geographic
2)  Photographing an Orioles game from the field
3)  Photographing the Albuquerque Balloon Festival

Where did you grow up?
Edmondson Village in West Baltimore. I graduated from Edmondson and Towson State University. My major was Mass Communications. Also, I’ve been married to my wife Criss for 37 years. I have a son, Kendall who lives in Pittsburgh.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?
Photography. I get strange looks because of the shots I take. I know some people have seen me in the parking lot down on my knees looking at flowers.

Keith NewmanAre there any famous photographers that have influenced your work?
Not really. I do enjoy Ansel Adams and Gordon Parks!

You’ve taken a lot of great photos at numerous landmarks around Baltimore City. What’s your favorite landmark and why?
I love Mt. Vernon. The fountains and the statues are incredible!

You love taking photos at local cemeteries, which, ironically, often contain lots of scenic views and beautiful figures, etc. Is there anything specific that you look for while there?
I shoot at the Woodlawn Cemetery and Druid Ridge mainly because of the streams and the wildlife. I have also taken pictures of the old statues. The old ones can be very interesting.

Keith NewmanWhat do you wish you could say with your photographs, and how do you get them to say it?
When I got back into photography I started to notice the things around me more. I often say that it’s amazing the things you see when you stop to look. So, I’ll look closely at flowers, bees, butterflies, etc. Most people will never look at a flower as closely as the pictures that I’ve taken.

You sell prints, photo books and calendars. Where might people be able to find these?
Through my Facebook page, which is: