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Meet Alice | ESB Customer of 38 years!

Alice K., Baltimore MD

Alice K., Baltimore, MD

How did you first become a customer of ESB?
Way back many moons ago, when ESB first opened their doors, I was looking for a bank that gave good interest rates, sound financial advice, and catered to the needs of senior citizens. I was not a senior citizen at that time, but I liked everything ESB had to offer. The branch staff were — and still are — genuine, caring people whom I trust very much.

How long have you been with ESB?
I have been with ESB since 1981. I was one of the very first Fullerton customers, when the original (Fullerton) branch was located on Bel Air Road! I remember Susan, Darlene and Agnes, who were there and are still with ESB (in addition to Angela, Kathy and Susan). All good, friendly, knowledgeable people! Many of my family members have also been customers of the Bank for almost 40 years.

What was your first job?
My first job was at Julius Gutman Co., wrapping gifts. My 2nd job was actually working for a bank downtown, in the stop payments department. I worked there until I started my family. Many years later, I worked in a local school where my youngest daughter attended, so I could be closer to her during the day.

What is your fondest memory of ESB and why?
My relationship with my personal banker, Susan Fogle. She is the kind of person who would always update me with the latest promotions and would steer me in the right direction with my options. I once gave Susan an angel as a Christmas gift, because she is my angel! It was a small linen angel, which she hung on her desk lamp for several years. She never got tired of it, and that made me very happy!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?
A penny saved is a penny earned! I was always thrifty, and was not one to owe too much money. I always paid my debts, and I was never, ever late when sending a check or a payment. I think many younger people could benefit from learning how to save for the future – my advice to them would be to “always be prepared for what the future holds.”

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What do you love most about ESB?
I love the holidays at ESB! They offer poinsettias, calendars, giveaways and goodies for snacking to their customers who visit their branch locations, usually on Fridays during the month of December. ESB takes very good care of its customers, and they know everyone by first name, which is refreshing. When I was very young, my “piggy bank” was my main source of savings. Now, it is ESB! What’s there not to love about ESB?

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?
To live to be 100!

If you could go back in time, is there anything that you would do differently?
I feel very satisfied and thankful for how my life has been. No regrets!