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Meet the Hemphill Family

Voices Eastern Savings BankIn this edition of ‘Voices’, get to know the Hemphill family, which has spanned three generations of Eastern Savings Bank’s workforce: Rod Hemphill (retired), Jonathan Hemphill, Assistant VP of Information Technology, and Grace Hemphill, Personal Banker, Fullerton Branch.

How long have you worked at Eastern Savings Bank?
J: 31 years. I started as a temp Associate, found my way into the IT department, and developed a career. The longer story is much more interesting though!

G: Since April 2022

Jonathan Grace and Rod Hemphill Eastern Savings Bank

Left to right: Jonathan Hemphill, Assistant VP of Information Technology, Grace Hemphill, Personal Banker (Fullerton), and Rod Hemphill (retired).

Jonathan, your father (and Grace’s grandfather), Rod Hemphill, worked at Eastern Savings Bank for 19 years! Tell us more about his time at the Bank.
My father started in 1990 and was the Administrator and Purchasing Agent for the IT department. I started working part time for the Bank in 1991, so being able to work with my dad for all of those years was a true blessing.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?
J: “The right thing is always the right thing, but it may not be easy.”

G: “Learn to separate the majors and the minors. A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.”

What was your first impression of Eastern Savings Bank?
J: Honestly, I was a little intimidated. I think I was 17, so everyone was older than I was and had a better grasp on what the corporate world was like. However, everyone was very kind and helped me learn, forgave my mistakes, and spoke a better future into me.

G: I noticed how much of a family community feeling it had. I was excited to work in a place that felt so close to home.

Share a favorite “community” memory (for example a store or restaurant or place you have fond memories of growing up).
J: During high school, my friends and I would frequent a comic book and game store in the Cranbrook Shopping Center, then get lunch at Roy Rogers, and eventually end up at someone’s house playing the games we had just bought for the rest of the night. Good times!

G: When I was little and my grandfather still worked at the Bank’s corporate office in Hunt Valley, my dad would bring me to visit the both of them at work from time to time. My grandfather had this cookie jar in his office that was shaped like a wolf. It would howl each time you took a cookie out of it. When he retired, he took the cookie jar home. I don’t know when the mechanics actually died, but I remember that the wolf stopped howling after it left the Bank! It was the best cookie jar, and the best part of my visits to the Hunt Valley office.

Are there any non-profits that you serve or volunteer with?
J: I have been the Children’s Pastor, then the Youth Pastor, and am now the Young Adult Pastor for Perry Hall Family Worship Center. I am also a camp certified registered Girl Scout leader.

G: I am the CEO & Founder of Show Your Worth, Inc. It is a theatrical nonprofit I started for children in our community before COVID hit. I am also a lifetime member of Girl Scouts.

What do you love about the Eastern Savings Bank community and why?
J: Eastern Savings Bank is a great company, filled with good people, all striving to do their best for our customers. Many of us have worked together long enough that it feels like we have grown up together. There is a lot of history within this bank.

G: Everyone is friendly and welcoming. It’s nice to see everyone’s excitement and acceptance from all over the company.