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Video Transcript:

00:03   Putting you in control of your finances, anywhere and at any time.

00:07   Online banking allows you to securely view account and transaction information, make payments, move money and much more.

00:16   On the main online banking page, known as the ‘Financial Center’, a variety of apps lets you handle the most common tasks from a single page.

00:25   The ‘Accounts’ app offers a quick view of account and balance information.

00:29   After clicking on a specific account, you can see your most recent transactions – and your account information is just a click away.

00:37    Or, you can search for more detailed transaction history while the ‘Money Center’ app enables you to transfer funds and make payments.

00:45   Click the ‘Make a Payment’ button to make a one-time payment – without leaving the page you’re on. Simply enter your payment details, verify the information, and you’re done!

00:55   You also have the flexibility to setup repeating and future dated payments.

01:00   To move money between your accounts, click the ‘Transfer Funds’ button.

01:04   You can transfer money on a one-time basis, a frequency of your choosing, or at a predetermined date in the future.

01:13   The ‘Announcements’ app is where we’ll let you know about special offers, new products or features and important messages about your online banking account.

01:21   You can also choose from a number of alerts that can be sent when activities occur on your account.

01:26   Simply click on the menu link next to any account , and choose the ‘Manage Alerts’ link.

01:32   And, if you ever have any questions, our responsive reps are just a phone call or email away.

01:37   Go to the ‘Customer Service’ tab and look for the ‘Contact Us’ link, and you’ll be in touch with a rep in no time.

01:43   And best of all, you can configure these apps to your liking, including the ability to move, hide and rename them!

01:50   With your personalized financial center, it’s never easier to do your banking anytime, anywhere, on your terms.

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